J Herbin Ink Chart Part II

J Herbin Ink Chart Part II

Herbin Inks

This is Part II of a chart of Herbin colors from cartridges, produced by Michael Richter. The images were scanned in at a resolution of 300dpi and have been reproduced here as faithfully as possible to the original. The chart has been broken into several separate images to facilitate downloading, please be patient, images of this size take time to load. you can learn more about Inks at http://pentrace.net/ink-review-water-resistance-of-blue-blue-black-and-black-inks/

It is very difficult to reproduce accurate colors on the web; unless you have calibrated your monitor you will only see a representation of the actual color.



Bleu Pervenche

Bleu Azur

Vert Réséda

Lierre Sauvage

Vert Pré

Vert Olive

Ambre de Birmanie

Café des Iles

Cacao du Brésil

Gris Nuage

Perle des Encres